How It Works

We created a streamlined process designed to build a modern, effective, and compelling website for your church as fast & easy as possible.

Schedule A Call

And See If We Are A Good Fit

Fill out a simple online form and meet us for a no-obligation call. The call should take between 15-30 minutes and we will discuss your church’s current setup, goals, and make up to see if we are a good fit. 

When you’re ready we will send a link to sign up online and start our easy onboarding process.

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Develop Your Plan

Digital & Content Strategy

We audit your existing website (if you have one) along with your tech stack. We then work with you to make sense of the tech your church is using and where your new website will fit

After we get your digital strategy locked in we use our content framework to define the pages we are going to build and what content needs to be on your new website.

Audit your existing website
Review your current tech stack
Create your digital strategy
Build your content strategy

Build Your Site

Putting Everyting Together

After locking in your digital strategy, going through our content framework, and getting all the images and video we need we will build your website. Depending on how many pages and features we build it can take anywhere from two to four weeks. 

Once your website done being build, we will send it to you and your team for review using our feedback tool. Once we address all your feedback, we will button everything up and launch.

Collect all your content, images, and videos
Build your website
Impliment your feedback
Launch your new website
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Manage & Grow

Partnering In Your Success

After launching your new website, we will connect analytics and reporting to see how people are interacting with it.

You will be setup on our management portal where all the website how-to guides and resources are. That is also where you will make update requests.

We will have a monthly checkin call to address any questions, help with campaigns or training, and make recommendations for best practices.

Connect analytics & reporting
Training how-to guides and videos
Unlimited update requests
Regular check-ins for support & growth
Take Your Next Step

To a church website that looks great, communicates your
visison & mission, and is effective at reaching your community.