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A positive online presence doesn’t have to be so hard.

Church Website Hero offers a done-for-you service that takes all the stress, hassle and guesswork out of building and managing your church website.


Eliminate Guesswork

We’ll build a website with content & layouts that will help visitors discover your church and engage with your ministry.


Accomplish Your Mission

A well designed website can attract new visitors, bring increase in giving, and serve your community. 


Free Your Staff

Allow your staff to focus on the Gospel intead of battling with tech needs.


Help when you need it

We take care of your website hosting, software updates, security, and content updates so you don’t have to.

How It Works

We have a streamlined process designed to build a modern, beautiful, and effective website for your church. 

Share Your Vision

Fill out a simple online form and meet us for a no-obligation discovery call so we can learn about your church and see if we are a good fit.

We Build Your Site

Our team will get work and create a modern, responsive, and user friendly website. 

Reach People

Maximize your first impression and expand your reach for the Kingdom.

Why Church Website Hero?

We know you want your website to make a strong first impression and draw people to your church. You want a website that you’re proud of—one that shares your vision and conveys the work you do for Christ. You need a website that provides online giving, streams your messages, and equips your volunteers.

There are dozens of cheap, do it yourself services available for websites. The challenge is, you still have to figure out how to use the platform—and that can feel overwhelming. Many churches are restricted by the skills, resources, and capacity of staff and volunteers. Church websites are more complicated than most, and do it yourself sites often can lack the responsive functionality visitors demand.

We believe a church website shouldn’t require so much of your time and focus. And it shouldn’t cause so much stress and frustration.

Let us relieve the stress, hassle and guesswork of website design and create a site that engages visitors and welcomes them to your church.

Pricing & Packages

Pricing and packages for the website build and website hosting & management.


Basic Package

FOr only


Website Build Cost

Paid Upfront

+ $55

Hosting & Management

Paid Monthly

For churches who are just starting out or building their first website. Also for churches who have a weekly attendance or membership of less than 150 people.


What's Included

  • 1 Page Website
  • Modern & beautiful design
  • Your content & images
  • Powered by WordPress & Divi
  • Online giving
  • Contact form

Standard Package

Most Popular


Website Build Cost

Paid Upfront

+ $135

Hosting & Management

Paid Monthly

Best for churches of various sizes who want a full website with online giving, sermon player, events calendar, multiple pages for content, and contact & prayer forms.


What's Included

  • 7-9 Modern & beautifully designed pages
  • Your content & images
  • Powered by WordPress & Divi
  • Online giving
  • Messages & Sermons player
  • Robust events calendar
  • Contact & Prayer forms

Custom Package

Starting at


Website Build Cost

Paid In 2 Installments

+ $195 and up

Hosting & Management

Paid Monthly

Best for churches who need more than the standard package offers, such as more pages, small group functionality, multi-site, complex forms, custom functionality, and/or more…


What's Included

  • Everything in the standard package
  • Unlimited content pages
  • Custom forms
  • Custom functionality (small groups directory, e-commerce, etc)

Ready to get started? Great! Click the button to schedule a call or scroll to the bottom and fill out the form below. 

On-Going Hosting & Management

We keep your website secure and up-to-date so you can focus on your ministry.


Hosting & SSL

We use premium, fast and secure cloud hosting designed to keep your website fast and secure.


Security monitoring

Active monitoring of you website for threats and issues, and 24/7 response for anytime your website goes down.


Content Updates

Updating pages, events, messages, creating new pages and more. How much time you have each month for content updates varies betwen packages. 


Daily backups

Your website is fully-backed up every night and can be restore in minutes, if the need arises.


Software Updates

Weekly updates to WordPress Core, plugins, and themes. 



Need help with a new initiave or campaign, setting up podcasting, getting your email up, integrating new technology or something else? We are happy to make recommendations to help you grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which package is best for my church?

Well, that depends. Churches come in various sizes (attendance/members), and have different needs and goals.

The basic package is a 1-page website with multiple sections for service times & locations, events, online giving and more. This is often best for churches are have a smaller attendance/membership who still need a professional website and want to offer online giving.

The standard package is great for most churches. This package includes 7-9 pages (Home, About, What To Expect, Events, Ministries, Messages, Giving, Contact), events calendar, online giving, sermon players, and contact/prayer forms.

The custom package is for church who may have larger attendance/members and/or churches who have needs that required a more customized site than what the standard package has to offer. Examples are churches who need large sites (lots of contnet pages), have mulitple locations, sell online products, and/or need custom functionality.

Will my website be secure?

Yes. We build every website with both design and security in mind. We use a wide variety of tools to keep you website safe and minimize the risk of something happening to your website once it’s live.

Will I have access / control of the website after it's launched?

Yes. Just before your new website goes live, we will create a set of administrator logins for a designated person on your team. If more people need access to the site after it’s launched, we can create as many user accounts as you may require.

My church already uses online giving, do we have to use yours?

No. If your church already uses online giving using a Church CMS such as Planning Center, Breese, CCB, or Realm, we can integrate that into the website at no addtional cost to you.

How does the website hosting & management work?

Hosting & management plans work as a monthly subscription, with no contracts or long-term agreements.

Regardless of which plan you have, you will get premium website hosting, daily backups, active security monitoring, weekly software updates, and content updates & recommendations.

The amount of time we provide for content updates vary between packages.

  • For the basic plan – we offer 30 minutes per month for content updates.
  • For the standard plan – we offer 30 minutes per week ( 2 hours per month) for content updates.
  • For the custom plan – we provide a custom amount of hours tailored specificially to your needs and goals, which is why the plan starts at $175 per month.

Billing for all management plans occurs the first day of every month. Like Netflix or Disney+, you pay for the service in advanced (i.e. you pay on Jan. 1 or Jan. services).

If at any time, you choose to cancel your website hosting & management subscription, your services will stop at the beginning of the next billing cycle (i.e. if you cancel on the 5th of the month, you will continue to have services until the last day of that month).

Can you build me an app for my church?

Unfortunetly not. While we understand many churches want and need dedicated mobile apps, we are passionate about the web and believe your website is not only the front door of your church, but also the best way for your visitors and members to interact with you.

We have spoken with many churches who do decide to invest in a mobile app, and have made recommendations based on their budget and needs.

How do I get emails for my church?

While we do not offer email as a part of our website packages, we recommend either Office 365 (Microsoft) or G Suite (Google) for most churches. Both have amazing features that will help your church communicate effectively, collaborate with your team, and keep your data organized.

If you need help choosing and setting up either of these tools, feel free to email support.

Can you help with video recording / live streaming / podcasting?

We are happy to provide recommendations with setting up video recording, live, streaming, or podcasting for your church. While we don’t provide these services directly, we are happy to provide some tools and resources to help in your decision making.

We also partner with several local and national vendors who are happy to help you accomplish your media goals.

People search for churches every day.

Does your website draw them in or turn them away?

Let us help.

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We donate 10% of the revenue from every website build to support Alpha Life Pregnancy Center.

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