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Budget Friendly

Great Support

We build websites churches use to reach
more people and be more effective.

Eliminate Guesswork

We’ll build a website with content & layouts that will help visitors discover your church and engage with your ministry.

Accomplish Your Mission

A well designed website can attract new visitors, bring increase in giving, and serve your community. 

Free Your Staff

Allow your staff to focus on the Gospel intead of battling with tech needs.

Help When You Need It

We take care of your website hosting, software updates, security, and content updates so you don’t have to.

A positive online presence doesn’t have to be so hard.

Church Website Hero offers a done-for-you service that takes all the stress, hassle and guesswork out of building and managing your church website.

We understand that now more than ever, a church needs a website that is the foundation of what they do online. From online devotionals, and watching sermon videos, to connecting with others, online giving, and integrating with your other church software.

There are dozens of cheap, do it yourself services available for websites. The challenge is, you still have to figure out how to use the platform—and that can feel overwhelming. Many churches are restricted by the skills, resources, and capacity of staff and volunteers. Church websites are more complicated than most, and do it yourself sites often can lack the responsive functionality visitors demand.

We believe a church website shouldn’t require so much of your time and focus. And it shouldn’t cause so much stress and frustration.

Our Process

How It Works

We have a streamlined process designed to build a modern, beautiful, and effective website for your church.

Share Your Vision

Fill out a simple online form and meet us for a no-obligation discovery call.

Pick Your Plan

Choose the plan that’s right for your church and subscribe.

Build Your Site

Our team will get work and create a modern, responsive, and user friendly website using our streamlined process.

Reach More People

Maximize your first impression and expand your churches impact in the community.

Why Choose Us

Crafted With Purpose & Designed For Growth

We are passionate about helping churches reach people and share the gospel by leveraging the greatest tool of our time – the internet.

Your website is the front door to your church. Most people will check out your website before ever showing up to a service in-person or online. 

We know you want your website to make a strong first impression and draw people to your church. You want a website that you’re proud of—one that shares your vision and conveys the work you do for Christ. You need a website that provides online giving, streams your messages, and equips your volunteers.

Our team has worked in and with  churches and businesses for years. We understand what it takes to make a great website and what churches need from their website, especially in a post-pandemic culture.

We also believe your church website should be just as unique as your church and not just a DIY template that 500 other churches are also using.

Let us relieve the stress, hassle and guesswork of website design and create a site that engages visitors and welcomes them to your church.

What’s Included


We want to build websites churches not only can be proud of, but can help them in accomplishing their mission. Here is what’s included in the websites we build.

Quality & Modern Design

We build every website by hand using the latest tools and best practices, so your church can be effective and reach your community.

Your church website should reflect your churches unique makeup. We don’t use cookie cutter designs or templates.

We build websites that work for your members AND visitors.

More than 70% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. We build sites that looks great on any device

A church website needs to be updated regularly. We use open source tools to make updating your site easy.

We use proven tools and processes to make sure your website is optimized and Google friendly.

Need to add more pages, start a blog or devotional, or get people signed up for small groups? Your website will be design to grow with you so you can accomplish your mission.

Church Specific Features

A wide range of features specifically designed to create robust and engaging church websites. 

We use our custom sermon player and library to show online sermons engaging both visitors and members.

Whether you are just starting with small groups or have hundreds already, our system can help people find and connect to the groups they are interested in.

We partner with several online giving providers to seamlessly integrate giving with your church website. We can also integrate with your provider if you have one. If you already have a giving provider we can integrate that into your website at no additonal cost.
Every church website needs a way to manage events. Our system lets you create, manage, and show events with ease.
Nobody fills out paper forms anymore. Whether you need forms of prayer lists, potlucks, or parental consent, our forms system will help you get the job done.

We can help connect your livestream feed to your website so people have a great place to watch your services and events.

Keep visitors and members informed by pushing announcements to certain pages easily highlighting important information.
Your website will be able to blog and/or have devotionals. Create great articles, devotionals, or stories to keep people coming back to your website. Feature those blogs on the youth page, or any other page of your website.

Spread your message! Use your website for podcasts and more.  Fully supports all major Podcast Distributers and you can manage multiple podcast feeds from the same site.

Use image galleries to highlight events, show important information, and more.

Management & Support

No matter where you are in the world, we keep your website secure and up-to-date so you can focus on your ministry.

We use secure, fast, and independent providers for website hosting servers. Your website will be blazing fast and safe for your visitors and members.

Your website is fully-backed up every night in two places and can be restore in minutes, if the need ever arises.


Active monitoring of you website for threats and issues, and 24/7 response for anytime your website goes down.

Weekly updates to WordPress Core, plugins, and themes. 

Updating pages, events, messages, creating new pages and more. How much time you have each month for content updates varies betwen packages. 

Need help with a new campaign, setting up podcasting, getting your email up, integrating new technology or something else? We are happy to make recommendations to help you grow. We will also help train your staff on how to use the website.

What We Offer

Plans & Pricing

All website plans include hosting and management in addition to the website build. Our plans run on a minimum 24 month subscription agreement. 


$ 100
  • 2-5 Pages
  • Semi-Custom Design
  • Online Giving
  • Basic Events
  • Image Gallery
  • Contact Form


$ 250
  • Custom Design
  • Up to 25 Pages
  • Online Giving
  • Image Gallery
  • Advanced Events
  • Multiple Forms
  • Sermon Archive
  • Groups Directory
  • Blogs (News, Devotionals, etc)
  • Live Stream*


$ 450
  • Custom Design
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Online Giving
  • Custom Events
  • Custom Sermon Archive
  • Custom Groups Directory
  • Complex & Custom Forms
  • Blogs (News, Devotionals, etc)
  • Multisite
  • Notifications & Accouncements
  • Automation & Integrations
  • Live Stream*


Starting at $5000 & $197 /month

We offer custom plans for churches who need more sophisticated and/or complex websites. These can include the following:

Schedule a call to chat about your organization and website needs.

Schedule a no-obligation call to see if we are a good fit for your church.

*Live Stream – We are able to embed a live stream from YouTube into a page on the website, and/or, we can help you in setting up Church Online for your church. We can also provide recommendations for streaming hardware, but will need to refer you to someone who can help in hardware purchases and installation.

**Podcasting – We are able to help you set up a podcasting service and submit it to the appropriate syndications such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, Stitcher, etc. We will also add content and manage it on your behalf while you are a client.

What We Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

Church Website Hero provides a subscription service that takes care of your website design, hosting, security, and ongoing content updates – all for the same monthly fee. 

Unlike traditional website design services, there’s no large upfront fee. Your website costs are billed month to month, instead of all at once at the start of your project.

While we know subscriptoin plans aren’t for everyone, it can help even out costs over a period of time, while having peace of mind knowing we will be here to support you and are as invested into your churches growth and mission as you are.

Yes and No. You can always upgrade to a higher plan, but you are unable to downgrade to a lower plan. 

Note that upgrading to a higher plan resets the minimum subscription length.

Yes. We build every website with both design and security in mind. We use a wide variety of tools to keep you website safe and minimize the risk of something happening to your website once it’s live.

While we are hosting & managing your website, we have multiple security tools and processes in place to minimize the possibility of any hacking events or malicious website attacks.

Yes. Just before your new website goes live, we will create a set of administrator logins for a designated person on your team. If more people need access to the site after it’s launched, we can create as many user accounts as you may require.

No. If your church already uses online giving using a Church CMS such as Planning Center, Breese, CCB, or Realm, we can integrate that into the website at no addtional cost to you.

Management & support works as part of your monthly subscription. Once your website goes live, the management and support automatically starts.

Regardless of which plan you have, you will get premium website hosting, daily backups, active security monitoring, weekly software updates, and content updates & recommendations.

The amount of time we provide for content updates vary between packages.

For the starter plan – we offer 30 minutes per month for content updates.

For the standard plan – we offer 1 hour per month for content updates.

For the pro plan – we offer 2 hours per month for content updates.

We also offer several retainer packages for additional hours, which when purchased can be used when you need them until they are gone.

While we currently do not offer mobile apps at this time, we are currently testing a potential offering with a select number of churches in 2022. If all goes well, we will offer mobile app services to all our clients. 

If your church is already live stream capable, we can help set up and configure either the Church Online platform, offered for free by Life Church, or a livestream feed on your website via YouTube.

If you need help becoming livestream capable, we partner with several local (NC based) AVL specialists who we can refer. If you are not local, we can make recommendations for AVL specialists in your area.

We are happy to provide recommendations with setting up video recording, live, streaming, or podcasting for your church. While we don’t provide these services directly, we are happy to provide some tools and resources to help in your decision making. We also partner with several local and national vendors who are happy to help you accomplish your media goals.

While we don’t officially offer email solutions, are recommend churches use Microsoft Office 365 for nonprofits as the software, tools, and technology used provides emmense value to churches for productivity, communication, collaboration, and data storage.

If you are a current or propsective client and want to talk about setting up Office 365 for your organization, we are happy to help an quote that as a standalone project.

We just launched a new service to help churches with their logos and branding. Currently we are offering two packages for logos.

  1. $375 – this includes 6 logo concepts, 3 rounds of revisions, and a finalized logo in all necessary file types and color options.
  2. $750 – this includes 9 logo concepts, 4 rounds of revisions, finalized logo in all necessary file types and color options, along with a business card design, letter head, and starter social media banners.

File types include – JPG, PNG, AI, EPS, PDF

Color options include – full color, all white, all black, partial color

What We Offer

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