Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers regarding website plans, billing, support, and more...

General Questions

What is your referral program?

Church Website Hero pays a referral fee for churches referred by our registered partners and provides a discount to the first month of a church’s website plan when the sign up.

Referal Partner comissions are one-time payouts and are subject to any and all state and federal laws and regulations regarding comissions and taxable income from comissions.

Referral commissions are $200 per church that signs up.

The church being referred also receives a one-time discount of $200 applied to their first month if referred by a registered partner.

Do you build mobile apps?

We do not currently offer mobile apps as a service. We are happy to recommend a mobile app provider based on your current needs and technology.

Do you do video editing?

We currently do not offer any video editing services. If you are looking for video editing, we can make some recommendations for freelancers and companies who do offer that service.

Do you do social media management?

While we do offer resources and recommendations for social media, we do not currently offer any services for social media managment.

If you are looking for social media management, we can recommend several freelancers and companies that offer that service.

What is your website framework?

Over the years we have built may church websites, from very small to very large. Using our experience, industry data (how other churches use their websites), and general user experience best practices, we developed a framework to build compelling and efficient church websites.

Our framework addresses many things including:

  • Who is using the website (guests, visitors, members)
  • What are the general flows for a church website (planning a visit, registering for an event, giving, etc.)
  • What pages does your church website need (home, about, giving, etc.)
  • How is content setup on those pages
  • How do people take action where we need them to (sign up, register, etc.)
Do you do on-going graphic design?

We do not currently offer grahpic design services. We are considering a graphic design supplement to existing clients in 2024.

Can you help me set up video equipment?

We can make recommendations on hardware based on your churches budget, needs, and current technology. If you want someone to come to your location, provide an audit, make recommendations, and potentially do the install and training, we work with several providers and are hapy to make those recommendations and introductions.

Website Plans

What are website plans?

Website plans are a website subscription / subsidization over a set period of time. We take care of building a website along with website hosting, security, backups, and more or a single monthly fee.

How is this different than Wix or Squarespace?

Wix and Squarespace are DIY platforms, which honestly cost less money per month than using our website plan. However, with Wix and Squarespace you are left to figure out how to use their platform, and design your website. You are also left to figure out what pages you need to build and what content should be on those pages. 

And Wix and Squarespace may not be the best choice if your church needs features like sermon archives or small group directories since those platforms aren’t designed for churches and won’t have those features.

Will I have control and access to the website after it’s launched?

Will I have control and access to the website after it’s launched?

How long are website plans?

Our website plans are 24 (twenty-four) months long.

What happens after my website plan ends?

After the subscription ends, we will continue to provide website hosting and management the same way we did while under the 24-month agreement. You will pay the same price as your subscription and will be granfathered in from any future price increases.

What is the difference between a website plan versus the traditional model?

Using the traditional model, there are two separate costs when it comes to your website.

Cost to build – this is the cost to build the website. This can cost thousands of dollars based on what pages, features, and content your website has. This is generally broken up into milestone payments.

Cost to manage – this is the cost to keep the website online, working, and secure. This includes things like website hosting, security, backups, and software updates. This cost can fluctuate depending on where you are hosting your website, the cost of software licenses, and cost of maintenance & content updates.

Under the website plan model, we take the cost of building and managing your website and subsidize that over a 24 month period. So instead of paying what would be thousands of dollars upfront and then more money every month, you are paying a single monthly fee that covers everything.

Which website plan is best for my church?

Our Standard Plan is best for churches who are over 200-250 people in weekly attendance and are looking for a professional website with church specific features like sermon archive, small groups directories, devotionals, and more.

Our Pro Plan is best for churches who are over 500 people and either have multiple locations (multi-site or multi-location) or have advanced website needs such as custom integrations with their CRM.


How does billing work?

When you sign up for any plan, you will be prompted to create an account and start your subscription online. You will need to put a card on file, and will be charged every month on the same day your started your plan (similar to having Netflix or Amazon Prime).

You can access the billing portal to view your subscription, update card info, or generate PDF invoices for your records.

Can we pay with a check?

Unfortunately, we do not offer the ability for churches to pay for a monthly website plan via check. You will need to have a debit/credit card on file in our portal and will be auto-billed every month.

What happens after my website plan ends?

After the subscription ends, we will continue to provide website hosting and management the same way we did while under the 24-month agreement. You will pay the same price as your subscription and will be granfathered in from any future price increases.

Can I pay the complete price of the website plan upfront?

While we prefer to have churches pay monthly, we do allow churches to pay the total cost of the 24 month plan upfront.

If a church chooses to pay that entire cost upfront, we will still provide the website, along with hosting and management for the full 24 months. However, the church is not obligated to remain with us after the site is launched. This does not change the overall price of the plan. Also, we do not currently offer any discounts for churches who choose to pay this way.

How long are website plans?

Our website plans are 24 (twenty-four) months long.

Can I pay of my website plan early?

Yes. While we prefer churches pay monthly over the 24-month period, we understand that some churches may choose to pay in 6, 12, and 24 month payments. We will work with your church if this is a route you whish to go with.

Our Process

How long does it take to build the website?

The average time to build a website greatly depends on which plan you choose and how long it takes your church to gather your logo, images, videos, and coomplete our content framework. 

We generally see it taking one to two months to work through our framework and collect all the content, images, and videos needed and a month to build, get feedback, and launch the website.

Will I be able to view the website before it's live?

Yes. Once the website is ready to review, we will send you a link for your and your team to view and give feedback. We will go through two rounds of feedback before preparing the site to launch.

How to we communicate and manage the project?

Once you signup and onboard you will be invited to your client portal, where links to upload your images & videos, information on our content framework, and other tools & resources.


What is your process?

Our process is broken down into three parts after you sign up with one of our website plans.

  1. Phase 1: Strategy & Content – In this phase we audit your current website, look at your current technology, and make a plan of what we need to build. We then walk you through our content framework to get everything we need (logo, text, images, etc).
  2. Phase 2: Build & Review – In this phase we take what you gave us in phase 1 and we build the website. We then review it with you and address any feedback needed. Afterwards we launch your website.
  3. Phase 3: Manage & Grow – After your website launches, we connect it to our analytics tools and invite you to our management tool. There you will have access to the website training, resources, and where to give update requests.
Will there be regular check-ins?

Yes. During the strategy and build phases (Phase 1 and Phase 2) we will have either weekly or every other week check-in calls. And after the website is live, we will have monthly check-in calls. 

Website Management & Support

What is included with website maintenance?

We use WordPress, the most popular content management system in the world, to build and power your website. WordPress, like any software, must be kept up-to-date and secure, which is what we call website maintenance.

Website maintenance is comprised of website backups, SSL certificate, security, incident management, and software updates.

  • Website backups – we will update your website either daily or 2x daily (depending on your plan) and it will be backed up in two different locations for redundancy
  • SSL Certificates are installed to keep your website secure using https (standard on all websites now)
  • Active Security – your website will be secured using the highest level of enterprise level security such as firewalls, malware scanning & patching, and website hardening.
  • Incident Management – in the rare instance your website goes down, we will work to restore it as fast as possible 24/7/365 and provide updates and after-action reports
  • Software Updates – we keep the website software up-to-date with weekly updates to WordPress core, themes, and plugins.
How does training work?

We understand that churches need to be able to access their websites and manage their content. We also understand the poeple who work on the website may change overtime as the church changes staff and volunteers. This is why we created training videos and how-to guides for your website.

Once your website goes live and you get access to your managment portal, you will see the various trainings available. This includes things like:

  • How to add/edit sermons, groups, staff, etc.
  • How to add/edit content on static pages like the home, about, or giving pages.
  • How to upload and optimize images
  • How to navigate the WordPress dashboard

and more…

We can add training based on specific features or workflows your church has, and will be available in both in video form and using step-by-step guides and will remain available while you church is an active client.

What kind of resources do you have?

We have resources speficially around the creative and communcations for your church. This includes things like:

  • Social media content calendar
  • Event planner template
  • Creative / Communications brief
  • Sermon Series planner
  • Google My Business guide
  • Creative Resources list

and more..

We are continually growing and expanding our resources list, and some of what’s above may be consolidated, retired, and new resources added in it’s place as we hear from churches on what they believe is valuable for their teams in order to reach more people and engage their congregations.

How do update requests work?

All website update requests will need to be submited in our client portal.

When accessing our update requests page, you will be asked what kind of update request you have (event, sermon, group, bug fix, etc) and then will be asked to fill in specific information based on your request type. You can also specify both a requested completion date and a priority.

What does unlimited updates mean?

Essentially, anything that can be done in 15-30 minutes or less will be covered. You are not capped at the number of requests you can make per month or have a hard time allotment per month to use or lose.

All update requests have to be submitted in the client portal. This allows your entire team to see what’s been requested and what the priority is for each request.

Examples of update requests which would be covered under unlimited updates:

  • Adding / editing / removing an event
  • Adding / editing / removing a sermon
  • Adding / editing / removing a small group
  • Editing an existing page on the website
  • Adding a new page to the website
  • Fixing a website bug
  • Making minor design changes to a page / template (groups card, events page)

All updates takes between 1-2 business days and are completed one reqest per day at a time. So if you submit 5 seperate update requests, then each will be done one at a time per day and will likely take between 5-10 business days to complete.

What's not covered under unlimited updates?

Essentially, anything that takes more than 30 mintues in a single update request would not be covered.

Examples would be:

  • Adding a feature / functionality to the website that currently doesn’t exist
  • Redesigning the website
  • Changing how a current website feature works (i.e. wanting to change how sermons show up on the site)
  • Making major design changes to multiple pages / overhauling part of the website in design or flow
  • Making changes in bulk (edit multiple pages, adding multiple pages / sermons)
What happens if the website goes down?

In the very rare event the website goes offline for more than 15 minutes (we allow for anomolies with the web host), we will work to restore the site to full operational capacity.

In the event you need to reach us becuase the website is down you will have access to a direct line to call or text 24/7.

After we restore the website, we will do a deep dive to determine what happened and share steps with you to mitigate future issues.

Addons & Other Services

What are retainer hours?

Retainer hours are a catch-all for any work you may ask us to do that is not already covered under your website plan or addon.

We bill those in 10-hour increments at a slighly discounted nonprofit rate.

One you purchase a 10-hour retainer bucket, you will have 12 months or use those hours before they expire.

Examples of retainer hour uses:

  • Asking to setup a social media account
  • Asking to setup your church CRM software
  • Customizing your Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace account
  • Managing your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace account
  • Managing your church CRM software
Can you help us set up our CRM?

We are happy to consult and potentially assist in setting up and managing your church CRM software. Because every church is different, with different needs, resources, and technology, we will need to chat first and see if and where we can help.

If we do provide services, you will need to purchase a minimum 10-hour retainer and be a current client in order for us to help.

What is covered by the logo & branding option?

We will provide the following:

  • 6-8 Logo concepts
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • Final logo in color, black and white in a needed file formats (.png, .jpg, .pdf, .ai, .eps)
  • Branding / Style Guide
  • Social Media Icons and Banners
  • Business Card designs
  • Letterhead design
Can you help us choose between Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace?
We are happy to consult and provide recommendations based on your churches current and future needs, current technology, and resources.
Can you help us manage our Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 account?
Yes we can. We will provide you a quote based on what your current needs are.
What's included in the Google My Business Addon?

We will help you claim, setup, configuration, and optimization of a new or existing Google My Business account.

If you already have a Google My Business account, we will help optimize it using best practices for SEO and user experience.

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