Fast-Track Your Church's
Digital Journey With Starter Sites

Budget-friendly and streamlined websites
designed for smaller churches

No Guesswork

A streamlined process & content planner to build your site and get you online fast.

Designed For Churches

Designed for what small churches need, without everything-and-the-kitchen-sink.

Easy To Manage

We take care the technical heavy lifting so you can focus on ministry

Fast Turn-Around

Get your website buit and online in less than two weeks on average.

Budget Friendly

Affordable monthly cost designed to fit into most small church budgets.

Great Support

Email support and resources to help keep your website fresh and attract new visitors.

What Holds You Back

Every Church Wants A Great Website But...

Smaller churches have specific challenges when try to get their website and digital online.

Tech Overwhelm

It can be frustrating for smaller churches to pick the right tools and technology.

No Clear Strategy

Churches struggle to know which pages to build and what content they should have.

Budget Contrained

Smaller churches have less buget wiggle room to try and test new things.

Jumpstart Your Church's
Digital Presence

Our Starter Sites and designed for smaller churches who
need a professional website without all guesswork.

Group 65

Content Planner

Our content planner guides you through everything you need to build your new website. The content planner takes all the guesswork out of knowing which pages to build, what content should be on those pages, and how everything needs to fit together.

Group 56

Streamlined Website

We build a website that is semi-templated to give your church a unique look, having church specific features, while still using industry best practices.

Group 57

Hosting & Maintenance

You don’t have time to worry about things like website security and regular software updates. We take care of all the technical heavy lifting so you can focus on running and growing your church.

Group 55

Support & Resources

You’re never alone on this journey. Our team is dedicated to providing prompt email support whenever you need it. We also provide guides to make managing the website content easy, and 

How It Works

Church Website Hero offers an referral commission for every church you refer to us that signs up for any of our plans. Our referral commissions are a fixed rate based on the plan selected. 


Choose Your Package

Choose the setup package that’s right for your church and checkout.


Provide Your Content

Complete our robust & easy to use content planner so we know exactly what to build.


We build Your New Website

After receiving your content planner we build your website in less than one week.


Launch & Manage

Launch your website and easily manage your site while your church grows.

Plans & Pricing

Choose The Plan That's Right For You

A website plan that gives your church everything needed to succeed and grow.

For church plants and micro-churches averaging 0-50 people in attendance.

Setup Fee
*Special offer for beta participants that waives the setup fee

For small churches averaging 50-200 people in attendance.

Setup Fee
*Special offer for beta participants that waives the setup fee

Book A Call

Learn more about how our website plans work and how it can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Website Audit
Questions & Answers

We live in a connected and online world and every church, regardless of size, needs a website. Smaller churches, especially, need websites that give me the features they need like event management and online giving, while not overloading them with stuff they may not be able to use because of their size.

Starter websites are websites designed for smaller churches who are either looking to get their first website, or are looking for a more professional & focused website for their church. These websites a streamlined with only the pages & features they would need while also being flexible for future growth.

We included features in Starter Sites that most churches between 0 – 150 would take advantage of without adding a bunch of features smaller churches may not take advantage of, and would end up raising the price of the setup and ongoing fees.

Starter Sites allow churches to quickly get an appealing and effective website online with out any technical heavy lifting while leaving you in control to manage the content.


Starter Sites have two costs, a one time setup fee, and an ongoing monthly fee.

The setup fee covers the intitial building of the website. This would be setting up the site, using the content planner, designing & building the initial pages, reviewing and then launching the site.

The monthly fee covers website hosting, daily backups, active security, background software updates, access to resources (how-to-guides and growth resources), and email support.


Every Starter Sites includes:

  • Website powered by WordPress, the most popular CMS (content management system) in the world
  • Drag and Drop page builder
  • Event Manager
  • Sermon Manager
  • Online Giving (powered by
  • Banners & Announcements
  • Image Galleries
  • Blogs (can use for devotionals & news)
  • Online Form Builder (powered by Fluent Forms)
  • Analytics to track how people are using the website
  • Streamlined content management for ministries & staff

We have a four step process that includes:

1. Choose a setup package and check out

Choose the setup package that’s right for your church and complete our checkout process. After you checkout you will receive a welcome email and instructions on next steps.

2. Complete our content planner

You will get access to our content planner where you can upload your logo and images along with several questions which help us determine which pages to build and map our the content on those pages.

3. We build your website in less than one week.

Once we receive the completed content planner we get to work on building your website and in most cases your website is built and ready to review in less than one week.

4. Launch & manage

After we review your website, we will launch it and give your access to your support portal where you can see all the how-to guides for updating content & resources to help your church grow. If you have questions or need help, you will have access to our email support.


In general it takes one week after receiving your completed content planner to build your website and send you the link for review.

We partner with to give churches who don’t currently have online giving the ability to do so. is a great platform that is free for churches to use for online giving and acts as the online merchant. 

If your church already has an online giving provider we are happy to use and integrate them into the website at no additional cost.


Yes. Once the website launches, you will have acess to the website to update pages, add events, add sermons, and more. 

Yes. We will have both videos and how-to guides for everything on the website. This including adding events, adding sermons, updating pages, adding new pages, updating ministries, adding forms, etc.

Additionally, we will have resources for church growth, marketing, operations, etc. These include event planners, content calendar templates, communication/creative brief temlates, Google My Business setup guide, and more being created now.

As we continue to refine Starter Sites and get feedback from existing customers we will add more resources to help your church grow and succeed.

We take care of website hosting and security as part of the monthly fee.

When your site launches you will have access to a support portal where you can submit a ticket for help. We will also provide a direct email to support.


When you checkout, you will be charged the setup fee and the first month of the website plan subscription (ongoing monthly fee). Every month you will be  auto-billed the website plan fee with the card you originally checked out with.

We may experiment with annual billing for the website plan subscription and offer a discount for those who are interested.

If we are unable to charge the card on file during your subscription renewal, you will be notified via email and we will attempted to charge it again over the next sevearl days. You may also be prompted to update your card. If we are unable to charge your card 7 days after renewal your website will be automatically suspended (taken offline). After 30 days of non-payment the website will be taken offline permanently and a recovery fee will be required to get your website back online using a backup. All backups will be purged from our system after 60 days.

No, there is no long term contract and the website plan subscription is charged month to month.