Custom Websites

For churches who have advanced needs and/or require customized solutions

Customized Solutions
For Unique Website Needs

Designing a pretty site is easy. Building a site that works with and not against your internal tools,
processes, and ministry flow is something we do exceptionally well.

Discovery & Planning

We guide your team through our discovery and planning process to identify organization & technical goals, outline objectives and outcomes.


We create custom integrations with your website, CRM, and mobile app to enhance user experience, streamline management, and more.

Customized Management & Support

We are able to work with your team in your tools to be an extension of your creative, communcations, administration, and marketing departments.


We help churches add and integrate bookstores, merch stores, online courses, and more into their existing sites or as an additional micro-site.


We utilize code and no-code technology to automate your workflows, streamline operations and help maximize your teams impact.

Consulting & More...

Our team has multi-domain expertise across design, development, marketing, user experience, online security, and more.

Featured Custom Website

Manna Church - Fayetteville / Ft. Bragg

Working with Website Church Hero has made the website-building process a breeze! We are so grateful to have met Shawn and plan to keep our working relationship strong as we move forward! They are fast, efficient, kind, and has great customer service that makes each client feel like they are a priority!

Cheyenne Buchanan
Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Website
Questions & Answers

While our website plans will fit the needs of most churches, we understand that some churches have unique and specific needs that is more than what our Pro Plan offers. For those churches, we offer custom websites tailored to meet their needs and goals.

Our website plans are the website build and hosting & management rolled into a single monthly cost paid over 24 months. Custom websites are done on the traditional website model. Meaning that we will provide a custom proposal and quote for the project and a separate cost for custom management after the website is live.

We build & manage custom websites in three steps:

  1. Discovery & Planning Workshop
  2. Website Build – Design & Development
  3. Custom Hosting & Management

The discovery & planning workshop is the first part of building a custom website and is mandatory for us to take on a new website build. These workshops are paid and can be done virtually or in-person (based on location).

In this workshop we define your church makeup (philosophy of ministry, visitor/member demographics, etc), user experience and technology needs, workflows, and desired outcomes. The workshop should include key decision makers including senior leaders, creative/communication staff, ministry heads, and people who will need to weigh in the church’s website needs and goals. This workshop generally takes between approx. three hours and is done in one session.

After the workshop we will provide a workbook with the scope of work, recommendations, and our proposal for the project. You are then free to engage us for the project if we are a good fit, or you can take that workbook and shop other agencies as it will contain everything they will need to create a proposal and quote.


Every custom website is quoted specifically for each church and each project. After we do the discovery & planning workshop, we will create a custom quote which will detail both the cost and build.

Most custom church websites start at $7500 and increase based on final scope, timelines, and objectives.

We probably can. It will ultimately depend on what the software is and how you want it integrated. If there is an open API or developer tools for it, then yes we very likely integrate it.

We have been working in the marketing and technology sectors for years before starting Church Website Hero. We can speak to branding, desgin, user experience, web & software development, mobile app, server management,  information security, web / server / mobile security, information architecture, data reporting, automation, SEO, marketing and more.

We have worked with dozens of specific platforms and technoloiges including  WordPress, Webflow, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Cloudflare, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Notion, Asana, Trello, Clickup, Basecamp, Eventbrite, Planning Center, Church Community Builder, Realm, RockRMS, Subsplash, Tithely, MoGive, Church Online, SecureGive and more…

During the discovery and planning workshop we will discuss what you long term website managment needs are and make recommendations to suit your needs and goals. 

Generally with managing a custom website we look at retainer hours, on-going development of features and functionality, advanced security, dedicated hosting environments, microsoft 365 / google workspace management, potential management of multiple websites, software licensing, etc. 

While we would love to continue working with you after we build a custom website, we understand that some churches have internal teams or preferred vendors for website management. We will ask about your management preferences during the project discovery and planning workshop.

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